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Focus on Being Healthy

Often I run across women in the grocery store, clothing store, and they are putting themselves down. I mean they are really digging in for the kill, “I am so fat. I am so ugly. I hate my body. Do you see this one wrinkle on my face. Oh man I am a troll. I wish I were skinnier. I wish I had her body. I wish I could be just like…(fill in some unrealistic expectation).

There is such a push in our society to be an airbrushed version of ourselves. I wonder often where the obsession with skinny and enhanced body parts came from. It’s okay if you are naturally thin. It’s also okay if you are not.

No one at our funerals will say, “They sure could have lost those last ten pounds.” It’s ludicrous to keep allowing the scale or a preconceived idea of beauty to stop you from enjoying life.

Love the body you are in and celebrate it. Say it with me, “I love my body.”

I was talking to a young lady who has always hated being a girl. Then she developed breast cancer. I told her, “You know hating yourself impacts your soul and your soul health impacts your natural (body) health.”

The body, soul, and spirit are connected. Sickness in one area impacts the others.

I knew of another lady who hated being female and she developed ovarian cancer. She hated being a girl. She died last year. She cursed her feminity with her words and cursed the gender given her at birth. Her self hatred manifested in her body.

Is all cancer the result of self hatred, no. Can our lack of love for who we are impact our bodies, absolutely.

There can also be copious amounts of time wasted on trying to be thin, skinny, get the last 10 pounds off that the joy of life is removed. I read an article a few weeks ago of a mom who died because she overdid it with protein consumption. Her pursuit of the “Perfect” body led her to the grave. What good is her “Perfect” body 6 feet under? Underground her body is rotting and decaying. Nothing but bones will lay in that grave. Her children will grow up without her. What good is skinny if you are dead?

Life is a gift! It may not always feel that way with the challenges, pressure, and pains of life. Yet life is a gift. Some people did not wake up this morning, or they have lost everything, or they are hanging on for dear life. What are we doing to enjoy life, really enjoy it! How are we focusing on being healthy…

Let’s talk about healthy life focus…

Healthy is more than meal plans and exercise. Healthy is taking care of ourselves, emotionally, and having our priorities straight.

What S.M.A.R.T (A SMART goal should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound) goals are you setting for yourself? What are you doing to get closer to your personal goals?

This year I stated I wanted to focus on some of my own goals. I have. I have lost 25 pounds. I traveled to the Grand Canyon (bucket list item). I finished the manuscript for my second book. I stopped investing in one sided relationships. I limit time with toxic people. I am working on my third book and hope to get in the recording studio in the next 12 months. I spoke at a regional women’s conference for the first time ever. I quit some volunteer jobs that were killing me.

I realized in most situations I am the responsible person. If someone needs help and it’s legitimate, I will try to help. I tend to put others first. Yet life requires balance. If you are putting others first and they are putting themselves first, guess what, you will be left depleted. They will leave you cleaning up messes, handling situations, and they will ride off into the sunset on holiday. They will have no problem telling you no, quitting, dropping the ball, yet you will be left a wreck with only yourself to blame. Boundaries baby boundaries.

Relationships were meant to be mutual blessings, not one sided blessings. Who constantly has their hand out and deposits nothing? That is not your friend.

We need to focus as much on our own goals as we do on the goals of others.

If you are that person always putting yourself first, this does not apply to you. If you are a giver and try to invest in others, this applies to you. Are you sacrificing your own health (mental, emotional, and spiritual) for others and ending up burned out? If so, reeval your priorities. Reassess your boundaries. You are not responsible for other people, unless it’s a small child, your child. Adults are to take care of their own lives.

“Selfishness is placing your wants above others needs. Self care is placing your needs above another’s wants.”

Who are you investing your time in for relationships? Why? Do those people even try to match your effort? Relationships are not about what we can gain. There is a problem if everyone connected to us has their hand out.

What things have you wanted to do that you put off doing? Can you pick those up again?

What is toxic in your life? What are you doing about it? Ask yourself is what you are doing today getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow? Then move in the direction of the best yes.

My hope is you pursue health. Pursue healthy in every facet of life.

To your health…

Erin L Lamb

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Detoxification of the Physical Body


Hello fitness friends. I haven’t forgotten about you. I hope you are doing well and eating well. Today’s post is about detoxification. This is part of a series on restoration.

Detox: removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including, but not limited to, humans (Wikipedia).

You’ve seen the juicing diets and detox products at the store I’m sure. They all claim to cleanse your system, reboot everything, and leave you feeling amazing!

Truth is our bodies accumulate junk. We pile in junk food, processed food, some drink heavily or smoke, there’s our fast food nation with “food” products, there’s pollution in the air,…

Okay so I’m not painting the best picture for you. Yet think about not taking a shower for a week or two. Things get gross. Inside our bodies our continually slimed and often without relief. No wonder we are sluggish, overweight, aging quickly, etc…

Your body needs a break every so often.

Ways you can detox (please, please talk to your doctor before taking any measures. I am not a physician).

1. Up the water (Distilled not tap) and ditch all fast food, processed food, added sugar, caffeine, dairy, alcohol, breads…Take some time to eat fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts. Cut out the meat and animal products for awhile.

2. Juicing. Check out Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.

His juice diet radically changed his life! He also provides recipes and guidelines for juicing. Juicing is a great way to get nutrients.

If you are buying pre made juices, check for additives, artificial flavors, sweeteners, and dyes. Also check for excess sugar. The best juice is to do your own with a mix of fresh vegetables and fruits.

3. Fasting (use caution and consult your doctor. Do not fast if you have a medical condition and your doctor does not approve).

Refraining from food and consuming only water for a short period of time helps your body in many ways. Some people do 1 day and some 3. During that time it’s important to drink plenty of water and stop if you get really ill or dizzy. This is not a starvation diet or meant to be done long term. Long term fasting can seriously damage the body.

See more info on fasting here:

Basically your body expends lots of energy digesting food. When eating stops, it starts repairing things that need healed in your body. Toxins are flushed out (drink tons of water). You’re also not introducing toxins into the body. You have enough body fat and stored energy to skip a few meals, hopefully. And like I said fasting isn’t for everyone. Please do not fast if you haven’t consulted your doctor, especially for water only fasts.

Also fasting will cause repressed emotions and issues not dealt with to surface. We will talk more about that in the spiritual and soul detox post.

4. Supplements and drinks

There are some products on the market that claim to “clean you out.” Do your research. Some are gimmicks and fads. And taking a pill without changing your eating habits is meaningless. I’m also against people taking harsh laxatives. Yes, you’ve cleaned out waste products, but you have not cleansed the kidneys, liver, your blood, etc..our bodies are designed to heal themselves unless there’s a serious disease or illness it can. Built into our bodies is a defense system to ward off sickness. It gets taxed by pollution, dehydration, stress, poor earring habits, and all the processed and fatty foods.


I do drink occasionally Peach Detox tea by Yogi. It has many great ingredients to flush toxins from the kidneys and liver. It’s also inexpensive.

I’ve also taken milk thistle which is good for the liver.

Lastly, detox is not to lose weight primarily. If you have or have had an eating disorder, fasting or refraining from certain foods may be harmful for you. For everyone else, you will lose weight, yet the goal is to get toxins out of the entire body so it runs smoother. It will reboot your system and help your body heal.

Always consult your doctor before taking any supplements or changing your diet.

Next post I will talk about soul detox! Who’s excited? I am. Keep up the good work, cheering for you. 🙂 Treat your body right.



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Stay Hydrated


Hey friends. Tonight’s post is about staying hydrated. Since I am still restricted from lifting weights, I have been focused on nutrition. 🙂

Water is something our bodies need. Our bodies  flourish when we drink the proper amounts of water.

Here are just some of the benefits of drinking 8 glasses of water a day.

1. Increased metabolism. Studies have shown that people who drink 8 glasses of water have a higher metabolism than those who drink 4 glasses or less. Water helps to rid the body of toxins. When we are dehydrated we over tax our liver. When our liver is over-taxed we will not lose fat effectively.

2. Better complexion and skin. Our skin needs water. People can spend copious amounts of money on moisturizers and skin treatments and anti-aging products, when what they need is H20. I started drinking 8-10 glasses a day and noticed a drastic difference in the texture of my skin.

3. Flexibility in the joints and spine. Did you know that the amount of water you drink can affect your flexibility and joint health? It’s true. I am not stating if you drink water you will become an Olympic gymnast. I am stating that if you are consistently dehydrated, you are probably more prone to back aches, stiff muscles, stiff joints, and more prone to injury.

4. Increased energy. Brain fog, irritability, and fatigue can be linked to dehydration. If you are not taking water in, you are taxing the rest of your body. Every cell in the body needs water. We can live much longer with out food than we can without water.

5. Better smell. Okay, so it’s a little gross…but did you know that not all foul body odor is due to a lack of washing the skin? It’s true. When people are dehydrated sometimes they suffer from ketosis. Extreme cases cause the release of ammonia through the pores of the body. Some people bathe/shower in the morning and smell foul by the afternoon. They are not taking in enough water for their bodies to flush toxins. The same goes for some forms of bad breath. So drink some water!

6. Healthier body. Let’s face it, dehydration is a bad thing. We want to be healthy. Water is essential to be healthy. So, let’s ditch the over consumption of caffeine (which is a diuretic-causes water loss) and sugary drinks (esp. diet soda) and grab some good ole H20.

Just in case my list wasn’t enough, here is a photo that has some more benefits of drinking water.  Have a great rest of the week friends! Keep up the good work. Cheering for you.


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