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Life After Whole30

I hope you gave Whole30 a shot. I did and do not regret it. I lost 14 pounds without exercising much. I did take my Whole30 further than the 30 days. I went for two rounds. Yet 7 pounds a month is great progress. It is healthy progress. 

If you did or are trying Whole30, I highly recommend easing back into eating non Whole30 foods. They provide guidance for reintroducing foods-one group at a time. I started with some grains, example corn. I was okay with grains. Then I tried dairy. Ummmmm…my stomach hated it. So I am less prone to eat dairy post Whole30. It is rare to have it. I tried beans. Another irritant. Therefore, I have built a new meal plan that is 80/20. Eighty percent is Whole30 and 20 percent is non Whole30. 

I have not gained weight by reintroducing non Whole30 foods. I am still losing and have incorporated more exercise. 

After talking to your doctor, I would highly recommend this program. Whole30 changed the way I view food. It changed the way I make meals. It changed the way I eat. 

Eating processed foods does not appeal to me. In the rare occossion of eating junk food, it does not make my body feel good. I prefer fruits, vegetables, and whole foods. My body runs better on whole foods. I still read labels, and ditch foods loaded with chemicals. I have a fondness for bananas, mangoes, berries, almonds, olive oil, purple potatoes, steak, roasted chicken, natural salad dressings, spinach, broccoli, and tomatoes. 

Learning a new way to eat is good. All the exercise in the world does not negate a poor meal plan. Changing the way we eat is a lifestyle change, not a temporary diet. Changing the way we eat leads to a better life, to wellness. 

So ditch the excuses and do something for your health! 



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Focus on Losing Fat (December Challenge) 

Hello fitness peeps! I hope you have started the December challenge. You can view it again here Get Moving: December Challenge

Today I wanted to talk about a pitfall you will want to avoid. That pitfall is being more focused on the scale than measurements. 

Muscle weighs more than fat and takes us less space. We want muscle; we want to minimize fat. 


photo source: Pinterest


photo source: Pinterest

I asked you in the challenge start to take your measurements. Have you done this? Be honest. We are only three days in so there is still time. At the end of the challenge we can compare and look at inches lost. 

I also want you to calculate your body fat. See how to here Body Fat Calculator

You can be skinny and have lots of body fat. The best method is to schedule a session with a gym for body fat measurements, yet this will due for now. 

Lean muscle is also healthier than copious amounts of fat. Muscle helps to support your bones. Muscle slows the appearance of aging, minimizes sagging skin, and boosts your metabolism. 

Look at the differences in these photos. 


photo source: Pinterest


photo source: Pinterest

It’s so easy to hop on and off a scale or feel great when you see a decline on the scale. Yet we can lose weight and it’s muscle and water. Muscle loss is less than ideal because muscle burns fat.  Muscle looks better! 

So, after consulting your doctor and doing measurements/body fat calculations…get moving! 

We add our body in muscle growth with resistance training, circuit training, and healthy physical challenges. We also need to consume enough lean protein. 

How to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle

photo source: Pinterest

And one last motivation for you! 


photo source: Pinterest

I will be checking back with you throughout the month! Get moving and let’s do this! 



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Stop Dieting


Aloha, my beautiful fitness friends. I want to talk to you about dieting. Yes the dreaded “D” word. It’s like a swear word to so many people. It’s all about what you must give up in order to look like a fitness model. Yes, if you’re a competitive body builder or fitness model, you will need to diet. If you’re drastically overweight, then cutting your calories is necessary. If you’re not, then let’s move forward with some tips on healthy living.

1. Diets are about depravation. Human nature is to rebel against what we feel is depriving us. The goal is to make healthy choices long term. The goal is to have treats in moderation.


2. Diets are a short term fix to a long term problem. The reason Henry weighs 400 pounds does not diminish the moment he goes on a crash diet. Lifestyle changes force us to deal with emotions without using food, to care for our bodies for the long haul, and make choices every day to eat to live, not live to eat. You see many people get weight off only to put it back on because the diet does not fix why they were overweight. You must change the mind, deal with insecurity and emotions, and make choices for the long haul.

3. Some diets cut out things you need in order to achieve short term goals. Can you sustain the meal plan for the rest of your life? Is it healthy? Are you getting all the nutrients your body needs?

4. Diets make people eventually binge eat. Just as the first picture depicted. “Oh, I’ve been eating bird food all day, now I will gorge myself on everything in the house! Feed me Seymour!” It’s the reason you see people at the all you can eat Buffett once their diet is over.

Say yes to the following:

A. Drinking water 8-10 glasses a day. Start the day with water, add lemon to help alkalize your system.

B. Eating breakfast every day! Make this meal the most calorie rich if possible.

C. Greens, eat them! Vegetables are your friends. Eat them to your hearts delight! Try not to slather them in butter, cheese, and dressing!

D. Lean proteins. Add them to meals. Protein keeps you full longer.

E. Choose whole foods! Did it grow from the ground or feeds off the ground. Fruits, seeds, nuts, whole grains…your body wants real food, not processed food.

F. Instead of three large meals, choose 5-6 small ones. Don’t allow longer than 4 hours to pass in between meals. Try not to eat after 9pm.

G. Making your own meals. Restaurants load up their food with salt, fat, and sugar. Moderation is key.

H. Learn portion sizes. In America, we supersize everything. Here’s your 3 pound burger, 10 pound pizza, foot long hot dog with cheese, here’s your large basket of fried goodies. Your fist is 1 cup, a golf ball is 2tbsp, a tennis ball 1 cup (pasta or rice), a deck of cards is 3oz of protein. We don’t need troughs of food. Most salads we get in restaurants are three servings.

Also white sugar, diet drinks, processed foods, high glycemic carbs, white breads, white pastas, all help to pack on the pounds.

Well dear ones! Keep up the good work. Wishing you well on your fitness and wellness journey. Stay tuned for updates from the 90 day Get Ripped Challenge. We hit day 30 on April 30th.

Warm regards,


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