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Life After Whole30

I hope you gave Whole30 a shot. I did and do not regret it. I lost 14 pounds without exercising much. I did take my Whole30 further than the 30 days. I went for two rounds. Yet 7 pounds a month is great progress. It is healthy progress. 

If you did or are trying Whole30, I highly recommend easing back into eating non Whole30 foods. They provide guidance for reintroducing foods-one group at a time. I started with some grains, example corn. I was okay with grains. Then I tried dairy. Ummmmm…my stomach hated it. So I am less prone to eat dairy post Whole30. It is rare to have it. I tried beans. Another irritant. Therefore, I have built a new meal plan that is 80/20. Eighty percent is Whole30 and 20 percent is non Whole30. 

I have not gained weight by reintroducing non Whole30 foods. I am still losing and have incorporated more exercise. 

After talking to your doctor, I would highly recommend this program. Whole30 changed the way I view food. It changed the way I make meals. It changed the way I eat. 

Eating processed foods does not appeal to me. In the rare occossion of eating junk food, it does not make my body feel good. I prefer fruits, vegetables, and whole foods. My body runs better on whole foods. I still read labels, and ditch foods loaded with chemicals. I have a fondness for bananas, mangoes, berries, almonds, olive oil, purple potatoes, steak, roasted chicken, natural salad dressings, spinach, broccoli, and tomatoes. 

Learning a new way to eat is good. All the exercise in the world does not negate a poor meal plan. Changing the way we eat is a lifestyle change, not a temporary diet. Changing the way we eat leads to a better life, to wellness. 

So ditch the excuses and do something for your health! 



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Food is Fuel


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Why are there so many overweight and obese people in the world? We’d love to say it’s hormones. It’s not primarily.

We are addicted to sugar.

We are addicted to carbs.

We are addicted to fast food.

Mainly we are addicted to whatever makes us feel good, what’s the quick fix or rush, and we don’t like pain or discomfort.

We use food to fuel our emotions instead of our bodies.

The world screams, “Make me feel GOOD!!!

Well, our addiction to pleasure has made us obese.

I see small children who are 40 to 50 pounds overweight. I’ve seen contestants on the Biggest Loser up to 700 pounds. That’s not hunger, it’s a root of sadness trying to be fulfilled by food.

Behind every addiction there’s an idol. There’s something or someone we are giving worth to that we shouldn’t. That worship of the idol leads to addiction.

We will all worship something. Even exercising and eating healthy can become an addiction and unhealthy.

For the over-eater it’s good to ask:

Are you hungry or thirsty?

Try drinking 8 oz of water before eating.

Am you hungry or lonely or depressed?

If the answer is there’s unsettled emotions, exercise is a great endorphin booster. Journaling feelings and emotions is good as well.

Are you hungry or eating out of habit?

We are creatures of habit. If you normally eat an entire pizza by yourself, you may be eating out of habit.

Are you eating too fast?

It takes your stomach roughly 20-30 minutes to know it’s full. If you shovel food in quickly, you won’t know til later you’ve eaten way too much.

Are you skipping meals?

If you don’t eat regularly, you will overeat late. Binge eating is often the byproduct of starvation. Eat small meals throughout the day. Drink plenty of water.

You do have a hormone problem, thyroid or otherwise.

Check with your doctor if you’re constantly overeating.

You are eating the wrong foods.

Processed foods, sugar, etc…lack adequate vitamins. Your body needs fuel to run, not just any calories-it needs beneficial ones. Vitamins and minerals are needed. If you’re eating junk, you’ll have persistent hunger!

Dear friends, treat your mind, body, spirit, with integrity. You wouldn’t put sugar water in the gas tank of your car. So, don’t feed your body improper fuel. Opt for fruits, veggies, protein.


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What Colors Are On Your Plate?

We were taught when we were little about the food pyramid. We were told to drink milk, eat plenty of grains, get enough protein (meat and eggs), and have fruits and vegetables. The problem with the food pyramid is the focus on dairy, meat, and grains.

You can get calcium from vegetables. You can get protein from nuts and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and fiber. Most people are not getting enough fiber in their diets. Fiber helps stabilize blood sugar and help you feel full.

You can live without dairy and meat. You will suffer without fruits and vegetables. Meat, dairy, and grains are not bad for us, but they cannot be the primary focus for a healthy diet. We need more fruits and vegetables.

So, what are the colors on your plate? Are you eating enough vegetables? Are you eating fruits? Or is your plate filled with cheese, bread, sugar, and meat? One will help you stay lean and healthy. The other will make you gain weight.

Limit white foods: sugar, white bread, white rice, potatoes, milk, and cheese.

Add some green foods: kale, spinach, edamame, broccoli, spirulina, green beans, orca, cucumbers, zucchini, sprouts, green apples…

Add some yellow, orange, and brown foods: squash, yellow peppers, bananas, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, oranges, quinoa, mushrooms, brown rice…

Add some red foods:
Watermelon, tomatoes, cherries… raspberries, apples, beets…

Add color to your plate! Your body will thank you.


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Staying Motivated!


Hello my fitness friends! I hope you are enjoying a great start to the week. It is a beautiful, sunny day here. Thankful winter is over. Tonight’s topic of choice is, “Why did you start?” Feel free to post a comment with your reasons for starting on a wellness journey. I posted my reasons when I started this blog, but wanted to share some reasons again.

I work a full-time job that is normally high stress. I also juggle tons of outside work activities. As a young person, I should have had tons of energy! I didn’t. I was exhausted all the time. I heard someone say in a movie I was watching, “Are you living or just existing?” There is a difference between living (enjoying life) and existing (taking up space). I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was also tired of the hideous pictures my associates would post of me on Facebook. One in particular I remember was from a wedding I was in; I looked like I was pregnant.

It’s easy once you start the journey to get tired. It’s in those moments you must go back and look at why you started. I don’t want to go back to being tired all the time. I don’t want to return to the relationships that left me drained, stressed out, and unhappy. I don’t want to return to doing nothing but eating and sleeping after work. I don’t want to ever be mistaken for being pregnant without actually being pregnant. It’s been a year since I decided to embark on this journey….I FEEL great! I have far more energy. I dropped three dress sizes. My skin looks better. I enjoy life more. This journey for me was about improving my life, not fitting into a social mold of beauty. My life has improved: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It’s about changing our lives!

So when you feel like it’s too challenging, remember why you started!

When you feel like giving up and going back to old habits, remember why you started!

When you feel like the progress is slow and tedious, remember why you started!

When everyone else is indulging and over indulging, remember why you started!

Lastly, I wanted to say I run an at work Biggest Loser contest. We have done it multiple years, and we have some of the same people each time. Weight is lost for the competition and for some, drastic measures are taken. The problem is those drastic changes cannot be maintained for life, so the weight comes back on. This year I am pushing lifestyle changes! It’s about changing your life. If we can start for the right reason, to change our lives, then we can stick with those changes. Say no to obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol, increased risks of cancer or diabetes….say yes to HEALTH! You can do this!

The Four Food Groups

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