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Reasons You May Not Be Losing Weight


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It’s so easy to be preoccupied with a scale. I recommend people take measurements. You may be losing fat and gaining muscle.

Here are some reasons you may not be losing weight or fat.

1. You are eating more calories than you’re burning. If you don’t know how many calories you are consuming, it may be your issue. You may also be eating the wrong portions.

2. You’re not eating enough calories and your body is in starvation mode. Women need at least 1,200 calories and men 1,500. Your body will try to hold on to fat if it senses you’re starving.

3. You’re stressed out. Your body produces cortisol, a stress hormone when you’re under stress. Cortisol tells your body to store fat, especially in the abdomen.

4. Your eating too much sugar and salt. Even if your calories are within range, too much sugar and salt causes bloating. Your body will retain water.

5. You are not eating the right types of food. Food is fuel. If you’re eating junk food, you’re giving your body the wrong fuel.

6. You’re working too hard. If you’re limiting your food and working out too hard then you can convince your body to cease producing results. It’s over exertion. Challenge is good. Constant abuse of your body will backfire.

7. You are dehydrated. Water is your friend! Water cleanses toxins from your system and helps your organs function properly.

8. There’s no variety in your routine. If you do what you’ve always done, you will get diminished results.

9. You’re not resting or sleeping enough. Your body needs time to rest and recover. If you’re not sleeping, your results will be affected.

10. You have a hormonal problem. Talk to your doctor. If you’re doing all the right things and there are no results, you may have an underlying health condition.

11. You do not need to lose weight. The BMI charts don’t take into consideration bone mass or muscle mass. What’s healthy for your frame? Where is your extra or excess weight? If it’s in your abdomen area that’s not healthy. Talk to your doctor.

12. You’re not challenging your body.
I was addicted to the elliptical machine. I would get on it and go for an hour. I did not lose fat. Then I started Ripped in 30. Only 30 minutes of exercise and in 30 days I saw major changes. Each week the routines changed. It was challenging in a good way.

13. You may have food allergies. Some food allergies cause problems with digestion of food. Gluten is one that can cause problems of absorption of nutrients and can cause swelling/digestive issues.

14. You’re not resistance training. Please consult with your doctor before lifting weights or doing resistance training. Know that muscle burns more calories than fat.

15. You’re a serial yo-yo dieter. If you’ve been off and on diets and/or diet pills, you’ve probably sabotaged your metabolism.

Hope these tips helps you. Good luck on journey. Don’t give up!


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Hello fitness friends! I’ve already written a post about supplements. There were a few that were not on the list that I wanted to mention today.

Omega 3 fatty acids

These lovely vitamins are so beneficial for your health. They are naturally incurring in eggs enriched with Omega 3s, flaxseed, fish oil, sardines, salmon, dairy, winter squash, edamame, walnuts, kidney beans, black beans, tuna, anchovies, grass fed beef or dairy produced by grass fed cattle.

“The omega-3 acids in most plants are alpha-linolenic acids (ALAs). ALAs have short chains of carbon. Humans and animals convert them into two long-chain forms that are usable by their bodies: eicosapentaenoic acids (EPAs) and docosahexaenoic acids (DHAs),”

These acids are wonderful for fighting off free radicals that increase the signs of aging, and easing depression (see your doctor if you battle with depression). They also help with dry, flaky, and inflammation in your skin. Your hair, heart, and brain will also benefit from a balanced diet including Omega 3s. Some studies have suggested Omega 3s have cancer fighting abilities.

I’ve been taking Trader Joes Molecularly Distilled Odorless Fish Oil. You want to make sure if you’re taking supplements they are free of mercury, heavy metals, and PCBs. Omega 3 Supplements can also irritate your stomach for some people, so use caution and talk to your doctor.

I’ve seen noticeable improvements in my skin, hair, and increase in energy since it started taking them.

Vitamin C:

This super vitamin is great at fighting those free radicals! Here are some other benefits of this super vitamin.

*Help protect cells from free radical damage
*Lower your cancer risk
*Regenerate your vitamin E supplies
*Improve iron absorption

Don’t skimp on those citrus fruits, broccoli, strawberries, kiwi, pineapple, bell peppers, or other dark leafy vegetables. Nature has given us great resources for things to help our bodies function properly. Vitamin C also helps reduce the signs of aging!

Multi vitamins:

I take a women’s energy whole food vitamin by Alive. It’s best to get your vitamins from food. If you’re not eating a balanced healthy diet, try to change that! If you are, you still may be missing out on key vitamins. I try to eat well, yet certain vitamins I still take supplements for.

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Write it Down

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Hello friends! Hope your week is off to a great start. I wanted to touch base with you about something I think is important to success in weight loss and keeping it off.

Write down and track what you eat.

Studies have shown that people who take inventory of what they are putting in their mouths are far more successful than those who simply eat aimlessly. We eat to live, not live to eat. It’s also important to know how many calories we actually need each day. This link will help you calculate how many calories you need each day to maintain your current weight.

BMR calculator: 

If you want to lose weight, you would decrease the amount of calories. Talk to your doctor about the amount. Going too low in calories can sabotage your metabolism by slowing it down. If your body thinks you’re starving, you won’t lose weight efficiently. A healthy way to lose weight is 1-2 pounds a week. It takes 3,500 calories to equal 1 pound. So cutting 500 calories a day and working out daily should yield a 1+ pound loss a week.

Back to the point of this post. Tracking what we are eating. If we don’t read labels or log our food choices, we could be consuming more than our bodies need. This is true not only of unhealthy foods, but also of healthy snacks. Great example from my food journal. Last week I picked up an energy trail mix. Only 140 calories a serving. The problem is I ate three servings! Yikes. When I logged my calories for the day, I was shocked I had gone over my normal eating routine by over  500 calories. Do that daily for weeks on end and guess what, you’ve gained weight.

Many items have multiple servings and restaurants serve portions that are for 2 to 3 people. If we eat an entire bowl of pasta from our favorite restaurant we may have consumed an entire day’s worth of calories in one meal and enough fat for days. Food places are required now to post nutrition info online. Look into your favorite places. You may be surprised the amount of calories, sugar, sodium, and fat are in 1 serving.

What to track:

1. Calories

2. Fat (want to limit especially trans fats)

3. Sugar ( it is not, I repeat not your friend)

4. Sodium (many foods are low in calories and loaded with salt. Salt makes you retain water and plenty of it)

5. Fiber (helps maintain blood sugar and promote proper digestion)

6. The carbs and protein (Especially if you are eating for your unique metabolism-see previous posts)

7. Vitamins-A, B, C, D…Zinc, etc….are you getting the daily recommended dosages of vitamins?

How to track: I recommended these resources in a previous post and have added them again. I also track my workouts. I track inches lost.

Online resources

  • I like Spark People because it’s loaded with information and it’s free. So no excuses about not being able to afford it. There are forums, you can log exercise and food intake, they have a smart phone app, and you can join groups and meet people.
  • If you simply want to track your calories and workouts check out these Free Online Fitness Tracking Tools, Many have apps you can add to your smart phone.

Lastly, what if you say, “Erin I don’t want to track everything I eat, it’s time-consuming and I don’t have time for that.” I will say if you want to lose weight, tracking is the best way to do it. No exercise program can compensate for a poor diet. Food is meant to be fuel. Some people are killing themselves at the gym and they aren’t seeing results because they are eating more calories than they are expending or eating too little. Some aren’t getting enough vitamins or water. If you don’t track it, how will you know? Once you reach your goal, you may not need to track calories or what you eat. This isn’t the law, it’s a tool. It’s a tool to help with success. I can guess at the calories I’ve eaten for the day, but I it takes time to know proper portions, and how much is enough.

Wishing you the best friends! These are simply suggestions. You have to do what works for you. I hope my suggestions are helpful!


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Fat Loss (High vs Low Glycemic Foods)

I tried the high protein no carb diet. I lost weight, and gained it back as soon as I started eating carbs again. I tried the low-fat, high carb diet, and I gained weight back. I won’t list all the one’s I’ve tried as the goal isn’t to bash anyone’s program. I needed something I could do for life. I needed something that could be sustained long-term easily. I also wanted something to help me be healthy. I wanted to lose fat while maintaining muscles, and to feel better. It’s about health for me, not necessarily vanity.

I have found a common thread with most of the diets out there. Most of them whether they put you on a high protein or high fiber diet, they are essentially doing what we talked about in the Sugar Detox post. They are keeping your blood sugar stable throughout the day. Protein, fiber, and eating small meals throughout the day help to maintain stable blood sugar. By keeping your blood sugar stable throughout the day, you are telling your body to burn your body fat for fuel. You can’t eat more food than you need and still lose weight though, it’s still calories in=calories out. You can’t overload on fat, processed foods, and unhealthy food and have your body run efficiently. But from my experience, if you can cause a calorie deficit and keep your blood sugar stable you will lose more body fat. I also eat protein with every meal since I have a fast oxidizing metabolism.

Who wants to diet forever? Who wants to count every single calorie? Most people hate dieting and hate counting calories. Most people cease to eat healthy because they can’t maintain the restrictions long-term. Well, most of us can’t. So, today I wanted to share with you some low glycemic foods (don’t cause a major spike in your blood sugar) that you can incorporate into your meal plan. Simply trade your high glycemic foods for these. Some high glycemic foods we eat are sugar, white bread, whole wheat bread, sugary cereals, potatoes, etc…

Low Glycemic Foods List:

Breads: Coarse European Bread, Sprouted Grain Bread, Ezekiel 4:9 Bread, Rye Bread.

Cereals: All Bran Fiber One, Steel Cut Oats, Coarse Oatmeal, Porridge.

Pasta/Grains/Starchy Veggies: Barley, Kasha (Buckwheat), Couscous, Sweet Potatoes, Black Beans, Lentils, Lima Beans, Black eyed Peas, Most green vegetables,Quinoa.

Dairy: Skim, 1%, cottage cheese (low-fat or regular), Buttermilk, Low-fat Plain Yogurt, Greek Yogurt, low-fat cheeses, cheese (mod. desirable).

Fruit: Apples, Berries, Cantaloupe, Grapefruit, Honeydew, Oranges, Pears, Grapes, Peaches, Cherries, Plums, and Grapefruit.

Meats: Shellfish, White Fish (Roughy, Tilapia, Tuna, Flounder, Cod), Chicken, Turkey, Cornish Hen, Eggs, Salmon, lean red meats in moderation.

I still don’t have my 6 pack chiseled abs, but I am working on them. I am happy that over the past few months to see fat melt away and muscle stay. Many times we diet and we are essentially losing muscle and water. When we stop dieting, we gain weight. Muscle is a good thing to maintain. It takes up less space than fat, it burns more calories than fat, and overall enhances our appearance. I hope that along with your changes in diet you are able to incorporate fitness into the mix. Of course talk with your doctor before staring any diet or exercise program. The commitment to be healthy is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. I want you all healthy and strong! Have a stellar week!

Resources on glycemic index foods:

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