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Beating the Holiday Bloat


Photo credit: Amanda Adams

It’s that time of the year: feasting season. It is holiday season. It’s the time of cookies, pies, Mac and Cheese, mashed potatoes, cheesecake, gravy, and fat loaded dishes.

How do you prevent the holiday bulge? You know gaining ten pounds during the holidays.

Here are some tips that will hopefully help you from gaining weight this season.

1. Keep working out. It’s challenging to fit in workouts with all the holiday parties, yet it’s important to keep moving.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving and I decided to do dance and combat before dinner. It wasn’t fun, yet it was good to not just eat all day.

2. Stay hydrated. Dehydration triggers overeating. Staying hydrated also prevents overeating. Take in a glass of water before meals. Keep drinking water.

3. Instead opting for cider, wine, beer, egg nog, and other high calorie drinks, choose water. One may be okay, but don’t consume a days worth of calories in beverages. It won’t fill you up and will pack on the pounds.

4. Veggie out. Opt for plenty of veggies and less or no white foods: bread, potatoes, sugar, processed food.

5. Make the actual holiday your only cheat day. If you make the holiday season a cheat season, you’re going to gain weight. If you give yourself freedom on the holiday, you’re less likely to feel deprived and gain weight.

6. Grab a smaller plate. If you grab a large plate, you’ll want to eat everything on the plate.

7. Eat, wait 20 minutes before eating again. It takes your brain roughly 20 minutes to know it’s full. So eat, take a break, then decide if you’re still hungry or eating just to eat.

8. Recall how challenging it is to get the weight off. One pound is 3,500 calories. It takes longer to get the weight off than put it on. Don’t wait until January 1rst. Stay on task.

9. Don’t eat sweets alone. Best option is with protein to balance blood sugar.

10. Eat something healthy before holiday parties. Don’t go hungry.

11. Understand small quantities do not mean low calorie. All the dips, mini cheesecakes, and small items add up. A mini cheesecake may have 20 grams of sugar and 150 calories.

12. Commit to staying healthy even during the holidays. 🙂

I hope these tips help you and I stay healthy this season.


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Foods that seem good….but aren’t so good for you

Diet Soda

Hello Fitness friends. I hope life is treating you well. I wanted to post tonight about foods that seem good for you, but aren’t so good for you. Let’s start with diet soda. I have been known to drink a diet soda or two…I have done some research and it is not good for you.

Diet Soda can cause…

  • An increase in appetite and weight gain. People who drink diet soda are prone to eat more. Artificial sweeteners trick your brain into thinking it’s getting sugar without the calories, but some studies have shown it has the same impact on your blood sugar. We know stable blood sugar leads to fat loss. Unstable blood sugar leads to weight gain, so you can gain weight drinking diet soda.
  • Memory fog. Studies on soda have shown it has the potential to cause brain fog and memory problems.
  • Acids, preservatives can erode your teeth, cause kidney problems, and intestinal issues.

I’ve seen so many uses for soda to clean toilets, corroded batteries, and more…Soda is not our friend.

Wheat Bread can cause….

  • Spikes in blood sugar. I was watching Dr. Oz do a special on wheat bread. It raises your blood sugar the same way a candy bar does. Yikes!
  • Allergic reactions. Wheat bread today has a higher gluten content than it used to. Gluten makes our bread softer, makes you feel full longer, but it’s also causing problems for people. You can have a gluten intolerance and not test positive for Celiac disease. Gluten intolerance can cause headaches, bloating, or other intestinal issues. Gluten causes inflammation in the intestines.

Orange Juice and most juices can cause….

  • Elevated blood sugar! You are better off eating an orange. The amount of sugar in a serving orange juice is close to what’s in a candy bar. Better yet if you have a juicer, run some fresh fruit through it.

Milk can cause….

  • Elevation of blood sugar. Look at the sugar content on your milk carton. We don’t need as much dairy as the commercials say. There is calcium in other foods.
  • Hormone disruption. Some cows are given hormones to increase their production of milk. These hormones can interfere with your hormones. If you must drink milk, shoot for non treated cows milk.

Here are some alternatives…




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