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Love Your Body! ❤️

Hello wellness friends! 

You are altogether lovely. Yes you are. Say it with me, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Let that sink into your soul and spirit. If necessary get a note and post it to your mirror. Say it daily. There is power in your words, our words. We begin to believe what we repeadily hear. 

I do not know about you, but when I see the magazines at the grocer check out they are telling me over and over that I need me + something to be okay. I need to have a certain hair color, eye color, hairstyle, bust line, waist circumference, hip and bottom shape. I need to look a certain way, dress a certain way, stay 18 forever, have certain relationships, and everything will work out okay. Let me tell you a little secret. Marketing is mostly aimed at telling you that you are missing something so you can buy something. 

I am quite pleased companies like Dove are starting campaigns to accept and love who you are. Check out some of their videos below. 

Dove (You Are More Beautiful Than You Think)
Dove (Beauty Evolution)-the power of makeup and photoshop
Why is it so important that we love ourselves? Well, life is quite painful if we are continually fighting ourselves. Life is not as enjoyable if we are consistently battling the lies of, “You are not good enough. You need to be more like that person. If you weigh a certain amount or wear a certain size or look a certain way, have certain things or relationships, then you will have the perfect life.” 

You can see on the mazagines those with the coined “perfect” bodies, right connections, and money to excess do not have the best lives either. Why? Because happiness is an inside job. 

If I love who I am, I can love my neighbor as I love myself. If I love who I am, I can be content in my skin. If I do not love myself, I will waste time and energy comparing, competing, and trying to fit into a mold I was not designed for-it’s wasted time. 

Low self esteem is also toxic to the soul (mind, emotions, will). We were not designed for insecurity or low self worth. We were made for love!   

I believe the source of love is God. That unconditional love must be received and accepted. When we love ourselves (receieve God’s love), our words reflect that love. Our relationship choices reflect that love. Our food choices begin to reflect that love. We attract better things and refuse things that damage our soul. When we love ourselves, what we tolerate   changes. When we love ourselves, we are willing to take more risks! 

It is not about the number on the scale or dress size. It is not about measuring up to a societal standard. It’s about being healthy, the best version of ourselves, and pursuing a life that hopefully inspires someone else to be the best version of who they were created to be. 

So here is a 7 day challenge for you. 

1. Make a list of the features and qualities you like most about yourself. If you’re struggling to put anything down, survey some friends and family. Review the list over the next 7 days. Give thanks for everything on that list. 

2. Start speaking postive affirmations daily over your body. 

  • I am fearfully and wonderfully made. 
  • My body is beautiful. 
  • I love who I am. 
  • I am of tremendous worth! 

3. When you feel the need to compare with someone else or put yourself down, go back to steps 1 and 2. 

I proclaim and declare loudly over you that you are beautiful (handsome), wonderfully made and of tremendous worth! 

Cheering for you! Be kind to yourself. You are loved!!❤️💯

Photo credits: Pinterest. 



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Take Care of Yourself

Photo Source: Quotes and Thoughts. 

Hello wellness friends! I have not forgotten about you. 

I hope you are taking good care of yourselves; body, soul, and spirit. We are truine beings who need care in each area to be whole. 
One of the areas I have been focused on the past 9 months is the soul. The soul consists of our mind, will, emotions, and heart. If we prosper in our souls, our bodies benefit as well. 

The soul and spirit are not the same. The body is the house where the soul and spirit reside. 

As a person of faith, there is plenty of time invested in feeding my spirit positive things. The soul benefits from these activities. 

The soul has needs. These needs include intimacy (to be known), connection with others, acceptance, affection, love (to be loved), support, encouragement, to process information and feelings, to have fun and recreation, and to have rest-just to name a few. 

If you are a giver personality time like me, making sure your needs are met may fall way down on the priority list. 

I encourage you to take inventory of what is going on in your life. Have you neglected yourself? Have you invested as much in your soul as your body and spirit? Who in your life is loving you? 

I love giving, encouraging, and supporting others. I am internally driven to contribute. I took inventory of my own life and saw deficiencies. The majority of those around me were being supported, encouraged, loved, invested in, and sometimes I got the scraps off the table. 

I do not blame those who came to make withdrawls, and deposited nothing. I assessed why I was unwisely investing in some situations or relationships. How was it affecting my soul? 

It was depleting my soul. 

I am responsible for stewarding time, resources, and my life. It is not the responsibility of others. I love and value who I am, therefore I had to change the way others addressed me and my investments. 

People who call my number just to gain something and it is not life ordeath  are not a high priority.I started spending more time on things I wanted and needed to do. I ceased allowing other’s to dictate my response time. In today’s society there’s a thinking an email or text requires immediate response. I noticed though people took days to get back to me. I was the silly one trying yo respond fairly quickly out of love and respect. 

So, you learn to set limits and use wisdom with time, resources, and investments. You learn to invest in yourself and your future. You learn to turn some people and opportunities away. You learn to only have people in your inner circle who are like minded, mutually invested, and you care for your soul, body, and spirit. 

I believe life is about balance. 

Give; yes; do it without expectation. Also assess if you have investors in your life. As you are pouring out, is there anything coming in to refresh you? Life requires balance. 

You are worthy of exceptional love! 



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Love Your Body

Hello fitness friends! I hope you are continuing on your path to wellness! It’s been a whirlwind of things on this end, yet I did not forget about you! 

Today I wanted to talk about loving your body. Loving your body right now. Not loving your body when it looks like an airbrushed photo from a magazine. Even they have some digital help to look flawless! 

I used to work for a popular clothing and lingerie company. I found that the models had lots of help to look that good which made me feel a bit better. 

Yet I realized from working in the stores even the women who were close to flawless were trying to enhance even more what they had. I realized there’s a difference between health and vanity. 

If you’re curvy, love those curves! If you’re thin, love the skin you’re in, if you’re athletic, keep being a sporty you! If you have some pounds to shed for health reasons…love your body today. 

Body shame leads to emotional pain. Emotional pain leads to overeating or starvation diets. Both are unhealthy. 

Love your body because it’s housed your spirit and soul all these years! 

Love your body because it keeps going getting you from point a to point b. 

Love your body because without it…well you don’t have an earthly presence. 

Love your body because it’s a part of you and you are loved! 

I was singing from the stage last night and someone took a photo of me from below. Worst angle. Before I would’ve asked them not to post it online. Yet I said I didn’t care. I love my body. It’s muscular, it’s strong, it’s gotten me through all those years. I love myself! I love my body. It’s beautiful because God says so. I won’t starve, over exercise, nit pick,  or put it down! 

Hope this last picture inspires you! 



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Soul & Spirit Detoxification


This picture was retrieved from Pinterest and is an excerpt from Lysa TerKeurst’s book Crave.

The reality of humanity is that we were made to crave. We are born desiring to be fed, loved, protected, cared for, and accepted. Advertisers are aware of these needs and market their products to get people to attempt to fill voids and human needs through their product.

Eat our food, you will feel complete.

Buy our products and you will be beautiful, sexy, and the desire of everyone!

Drink our cola and everyone will think you’re awesome!

Buy our clothes!

Drink our beer!

Watch our shows! Buy our stuff! You need it. You want it! It will improve the quality of your life.

Here’s the skinny. There is nothing like inner peace and knowing who we are. It cannot be found externally. If it is, it can easily be lost.

I gave up cable over a year ago. I use Netflix and watch DVDs. Since I don’t see commercials I found my contentment increased, I purchase less at the store, and my level of happiness increased. What we focus on we begin to crave.

Many of our tv shows are filled with mindless banter, sex, violence, and I truly believe our spirits and souls suffer. We’ve stopped learning. We’ve stopped investing in meaningful relationships. Technology has replaced human interaction and it’s hurting us.

Over consumption is making us a world of addicts. Addicted to sugar, sex, tv, alcohol, shopping, material things, the approval of people, addicted to technology. The problem is these things don’t fulfill anyone. They increase cravings. Without self control, what we crave soon consumes us.

Families used to sit together and talk over meals. Now many families plop down in front of the tv.

Is what you’re watching edifying? Helpful to your soul or spirit.

Is technology helping you become a better person, friend, employee, spouse,…or is it taking the place of actually engaging with others on a meaningful level?

Wellness is not just taking care of the body. It’s taking care of the soul and spirit as well.

Who’s defining who you are? Advertisers??? Celebrities?

What’s robbing your peace?
The News? Constant reading of social media feeds?

What we consume in our minds does impact our lives. What you want to grow and manifest, indulge in those things. They are seeds that will grow and flourish.

I read quite a bit. I’m a person of faith so everything I read is beneficial, helpful, and edifying. People ask me how I remain so positive. Mainly it’s my relationship with God. It’s also because I don’t feast on things that continually pollute my mind and spirit.

I avoid people who gossip or are super negative. If I can’t avoid them, I counter their negativity with something positive, “Have you talked to Susie about your problem with her? What are you going to do about your problem?”

You are not a garbage can. Just as you pay attention to what you eat, pay attention to what you’re feasting on in your spirit and soul.

If necessary, stop or limit things that don’t make you better!

Take care of yourselves friends!

If you’re interested in my faith based sites check out morena242.wordpress.com and ithoughtiknewwhatlovewas.com.



Whatever is pure, lovely, and good…think on those things!

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Handling Negativity & Critics


Hello fitness friends! I hope you are taking care of your mind, body, and spirit.

Today I wanted to post about negative Nancy and critical Chris. My apologies if your name is Nancy or Chris. 🙂

Along this journey of wellness, there will be people who are supportive and maybe a few who are unsupportive. How we handle the negative comments and criticism is important.

Since I started the Get Ripped competition in April there have been people who said,

“P90X2 is too challenging a program for you,”

“As you get older you won’t be able to lose weight, give yourself a break-take it easy. Don’t expect good results.”

I’m so not old…people think over 25 is ancient. There are people in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and even 70s who are in great shape. We choose whether we will stay in shape, and age is no excuse or limitation (unless you’re sick).

My great aunt even told me, “You have no shape!” I saw her a few weeks ago and she made fun of my lack of hips! :). I do have hips, I’m just not built like her, she’s pear shaped. I’m not.

There have been a few supporters along this journey! So, it’s not all bad. Yet, I realized, women especially are bombarded with negative messages about our body, age, abilities, and beauty. It can be discouraging. In a society obsessed with youth and vanity, it can be rough sometimes.

Here’s how I handle the situations…

1. Consider the source. Insecure people put others down to lift themselves up.

2. Even if it’s true (you’re super thin, short, stocky, etc…), don’t let others put a negative spin on your uniqueness. Know your worth isn’t in your appearance. Celebrate who God created you to be! It’d be boring if we all looked the same. You’re a unique gift.

3. In certain situations, let it push you to work harder. In the case of P90X2, I do my best and forget the rest. The comment made me push harder. So far, body fat is down 9%, and I’m in first place in the competition. I am determined to win for me!

4. Don’t let others steal your joy! If someone offers you a gift and you don’t take it, it still belongs to them. Refuse to take in others negativity or criticism that isn’t helpful.

5. Stop criticizing yourself! I love that Tony Horton says, ” Do your best and forget the rest.” This is about health not perfection. Perfectionism is self abuse.

Some criticism is helpful. It’s good to be open to feedback. You know when it’s good feedback because you leave feeling empowered and hopeful. Good criticism is helpful, not harmful.

I am cheering for you all! You can do this. Don’t let negativity or criticism stop you from pursuing your goals, dreams, and wellness journey!

Warm Regards,


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Do it for YOU!


Hello fitness friends! You’re amazing! I hope you’re being kind to yourself and eating healthy. I hope you’re exercising and gaining muscle. Do it for you!

There are many people who choose diet and exercise for vanity. Magazines and media feed us images of people who have been airbrushed to society’s standard of perfection. If we simply focused on health, there would be industries out of business.

So, when I say, “Pursue wellness for you!” I don’t mean for the sake of vanity. I say it because when you’re 80 years old, you’ll regret not taking care of yourself. When we are young we believe we will live forever! The junk food, late nights, couch potato lifestyle seems alright. The truth is, once you reach a certain age losing weight becomes a struggle. Once you start working full time, you’re often too tired to workout every day. Throw in some kids and well, rest becomes the priority.

We need to take care of ourselves or we don’t have anything to offer anyone else. If you lose the priority of caring for the temple God gave you, eventually it will catch up to you.

One of my strengths and weaknesses is I long to put others first. I wake up thinking what I might do for someone else. I spent many years neglecting my emotional, physical, and mental health to help care for a sick patent. I’ve been known to juggle many things and not take concern for my well being. Here’s what I’ve learned.

1. You can only give what you possess.

When you’re tired, worn out, and not caring for yourself; there’s nothing to give to anyone else.

2. Set boundaries quickly in relationships. No is a good word.

Know where your responsibility ends. We can’t be all things to all people. We can also delegate to others.

3. Love people, yet manage toxic relationships.

Drama, spiritual and emotional leeches, takers, constant nagging/complainers, the gossips and haters, the people who are super negative. Limit your time with them if you cannot get out of the relationship. If it’s a spouse or close family member, consider counseling or letting them know, “I love you, yet we can have this conversation when it becomes more respectful or positive.” You set the boundaries for what you’ll accept.

I had a coworker who liked to dump his work on me then complain if it wasn’t perfect. I firmly yet respectfully told him, “I will not do your job and my job. If you need help, talk to our manager about someone on your level to cover for you.”

4. Do nice things for yourself.

If I waited or relied on other people to support my dreams, provide encouragement, or help…I’d be screwed. Most people put themselves first. So, you learn to be good to yourself. It’s not selfish to take care of yourself. Eat healthy, exercise, take breaks, feed your mind and soul good things.

5. Take care of your mind, body, soul, and spirit. Neglect one and the rest suffer.

6. Rest.

Smartphones have set us up to have non stop communication with people. It’s okay to turn off the phone, not respond to every text or email. Give your brain a break. Studies have shown social media increases depression in people. They are constantly comparing their life to others. News flash: most people post the best pictures and stories of themselves.

Sweet friends, I’m not encouraging you to live a self centered or selfish life. I am encouraging you to take care of yourself. Time flies and you’ll regret the neglect as you age.

Warm regards,


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Feast on Good Things


Last post we talked about ingredients. They are so important. The post before that we talked about having a negative mind. Today, I want to pull it all together.

What you feed grows!
What you starve dies!
What you feast on is what will take root and bear fruit!

What are you feasting on? This isn’t just about the Cheetos hidden in the back of your cupboard or the bags of Oreos kept around in case of emergency. This is about everything you’re taking into your life.

How much time is spent watching tv with violence, bad news, bad relationships, drama, and commercials telling you that your life is not enough?

How much time is spent reading news feeds on Facebook or Instagram? Most people put the best parts of their lives on social media…look how much I love my spouse, my kids, my new car, my church, my new hairstyle, my fill in the blank….it’s not wrong to keep people informed or stay informed. However, if you’re feasting on a steady diet of others bragging, even if you feel good about your life…you’re feeding your subconscious mind tools for comparison. We are taught from an early age to compare things. Comparison robs the soul of joy!

How much time is spent in solitude, quiet, journaling, learning, or reading? Busyness is killing and over stressing the industrialized world. Work harder, do more!!! Work! And even play or recreation can be in excess. Life requires balance and rest. We are also so dependent on information given to us via news, social media, or the internet…people sometimes forget you can’t believe everything you read or hear. Do some research. Read books. Learn something. Feed your mind something other than reality tv.

Who are we listening to and spending time with? I took a year to refrain from being super social. I had some negative experiences with people and wanted restoration. I found out you can’t be fully restored if you’re constantly exposed to negativity, drama, he said…she said, and easily offended people. It wears on your immune system. I read, spent time in prayer, journaled, painted, played guitar, spent time with God. I never had so much joy! I feasted on good things and limited interactions with people who at the time were not beneficial for my mental or emotional health. You may not be able to do what I did. You can take a weekend away by yourself or tell your loved ones, “I need a break. I will be in my room the next couple of hours.” You can tell people, “I love you, but I refuse to have this conversation until you can be respectful.” Set boundaries with people! Don’t be a doormat.

Finally, we sometimes believe wellness is simply about the body (what we eat and exercise). It’s the mind, body, spirit, and soul we are called to take care of. If we neglect one part, the others suffer. So be good to yourself!



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Hello fitness friends! Tonight I wanted to talk to you about something that will improve your emotional health and wellness. It’s called boundaries.

Boundaries are the parameters we set up with other people to let them know what’s allowed and what is not allowed. Boundaries keep us from being used, violated, mistreated, overworked, or burned out. Stress is a killer. A lack of boundaries leads to stress!

We determine what we allow and what we won’t allow in our lives. We are also called to learn and respect the boundaries of other people.

So how do you establish boundaries? Here are some practical tips.

1. Say no to things that violate your conscience, morals, goals, or are harmful.

Sometimes you have to say no to what’s good to have something that’s great. Every opportunity is not the best opportunity. You have the right to say no.

2. Figure out what makes you uncomfortable and speak your truth.

I’m not advocating complaining, being a know it all, or pushing your opinions on people. I am advocating telling people not to stop by unannounced, to not call after certain times, to keep their hateful opinions to themselves, to mind their own business, to do their own work, to treat you with respect…don’t allow people to dump on you. If you can’t stop the behavior with words, you can walk away. I’ve walked away from people who like to argue or are disrespectful. They can talk to themselves.

3. Set the standard.

People see how you treat yourself and how you talk to yourself. Treat yourself well and as though you are valuable. You have tremendous value and so do others.

4. Don’t let negative or toxic people take up most of your space.

A good way to stop the negativity or complaining is to ask the person, “What are you going to do about your problem?” or “I’d love to hear what’s going well in your life!” There’s nothing wrong with listening to a friend vent. If you continue to allow people to dump their problems on you, you will end up stressed, whether you feel it consciously or not.

5. Seek balance.

Working too much, giving too much, taking too much, eating or drinking too much…all stretch boundaries. Balance and moderation is key. Too much of a good thing can be just as toxic as the wrong thing.

Boundaries don’t make you a diva or a selfish jerk. Boundaries mean you respect yourself and others. The best way to cut back on stress is to set boundaries. Don’t violate others boundaries and don’t allow others to violate your boundaries.

Life requires balance and boundaries. Health requires balance and boundaries. Wishing you a well balanced life!


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Free Your Mind…


Hello friends! I hope this week is treating you well. I am excited it is finally warm here. The sun is shining! Hello Spring. 🙂

Tonight I wanted to talk to you about one of the most important parts of the wellness journey! Freeing your mind of junk. Yes, your mind. It’s easy to empty the cupboards and force ourselves to go to the gym. The hardest part is changing the way we think. I believe most of us don’t meet our goals because our thoughts get in the way. We say things like, “It will always be this way. I can’t do this. I can’t help myself…..” The list goes on and on.

Here’s some truth: Where the mind goes, the body follows! Negative mind=negative life.

We can buy all the products and still not be healthy. A healthy mind is crucial to wellness.

Here are some tips for clearing the mind of clutter.

  1. Change I can’t to I will do my best. I will try. If I am not successful, I will keep going until I am. There are some things we need not to do (i.e destructive things). There are other things we refuse to do  because we stuck with fear of failure or lack of motivation. Say it with me….YES I can! It’s not about perfection. It’s about growth.
  2. Forgive. Yes, I said it. Forgive yourself, forgive others….forgive any and everyone you are holding a grudge against. Let it go. Forgiveness is not saying what the other person did was right. Forgiveness does not always mean the person is given access to your life. It does mean you release anger, the desire to avenge, and trust that by letting go you’re helping yourself. Many people are sick because they are holding grudges. I see grudges as heavy stones. They weigh you down and do nothing to the other person. Set yourself free!
  3. Give yourself a break. Ditch negative self talk. I have had a high calorie food day today, but I am working out an hour a day. I am counting calories not to be restrictive, but to see what I am eating. I can beat myself up for having more food today, but what will it accomplish? Nothing. I eat to live and fuel this body. Food is not my life. Nor will I talk down to myself. If I don’t love and accept myself, I can’t love anyone else. Give yourself a break! You’re human after all. 🙂
  4. Stop the comparison. I have a coworker who is naturally thin. She eats like a football player. She often brags about how much she can eat. While I watch what I eat. I can’t compare myself to her. I have a muscular athletic build. I always have. She is rail thin. We are two different people. I accept who I am. I accept who she is. I don’t compete with anyone but myself.
  5. Count those blessings and focus on what’s going right. One of my daily activities is counting blessings. What’s good in my life? What is positive? What is going right? I try to spend the day focusing on those things. I have an acquaintance who complains about everything, and it is draining to everyone around. Life is too short to focus on all the bad.
  6. Meditate on good things and feed the mind good things. I purposefully limit exposure to the news. I don’t have my head in the sand, but I won’t listen to negative things for hours on end. I read. I blog. I focus on my faith. I look for good things to feed my mind.
  7. Challenge yourself to see yourself succeeding. I truly believe vision is powerful. Are you seeing good things happening in your future? Are you envisioning yourself achieving your goals? Are you picturing a healthy life? I sure hope so. See the vision, write it down.
  8. Speak good things about yourself and your future. I don’t know you all personally, but I am sure you are amazing. The goal isn’t to be conceited, but confident. You are a winner. You have plenty to offer the world. You are significant and have qualities unique to you to bless the world. There’s only one you, so make your mark! You can do more than you think! There’s a champion in you.
  9. Try to say good things about others. Negative talk is negative talk. It does not help us or anyone else. We live in a culture that is eager to tear people apart. It’s not healthy. As humans we are flawed, none of us perfect. Putting others down never elevates us. It simply shows our insecurity.
  10. Rest from social media. Our minds are overstimulated. It’s good to switch off the smart phone, turn off the computer, and have some down time!

I hope these tips are helpful! You can do anything you set your mind to. I believe in you! Keep it up….Warm wishes,~Erin

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Take 5

Young Woman Sleeping on Lawn Chair

We spend so much of our time doing. We are busy from sun up until sun down. We are plugged in, connected, and constantly busy. Today, I would like to talk about something we sometimes fail to do, but it’s very important for our well-being; rest.

Rest is so important. We can think that running full steam ahead is a great idea, however our bodies will suffer if we don’t rest. Here’s some info on rest.

Rest helps keep our hormones in balance. The hormone grenalin which controls hunger is disrupted when we do not get adequate sleep. When we are sleep deprived, we are often hungrier. Grenalin  stimulates our desire for fatty food and high calorie density food. Lack of sleep also disrupts the hormone leptin. “Leptin signals the brain that the body has had enough to eat, producing a feeling of satiety. Moreover, this fullness hormone may make it easier for people to resist the temptation of foods high in calories.1″

Rest helps us to build muscle. Despite what we may believe, working out every day at high intensity is not the best. Here’s some information from Livestrong. “Overworking your muscles actually prevents muscle growth, because your muscles do not have time to adjust to the strain put on them. By doing tough muscle-building exercises with adequate rest, you will see gains in muscle strength and bulk in a few weeks,” Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/100116-proper-way-build-muscles/#ixzz2J1GaL6p4.

Even if you are not working out to build muscle, overworking our bodies is not beneficial for our health. Rest is important for a healthy body.


Rest improves mental and emotional health. If you have ever suffered from insomnia, which I have, you know that your mental health suffers when you are exhausted. You can’t think clearly. Everything seems to be especially hard and taxing. You may suffer from anxiety, a bad case of the grumpies, lack of concentration, etc…Sleep and rest (ceasing from continual activity) helps the mind to function the way it is supposed to.

Rest helps your body combat stress. Stress is not our friend. You can go back and read earlier posts about what stress does to the human body. Prolonged stress causes hormonal imbalances, weakens the immune system, can cause gastrointestinal problems, relational problems, hair loss, etc…We want to rest so our bodies can rebound from excess stress.

Rest helps us to remain at center, at peace. I am a person of faith. I believe peace is powerful. Rest helps us to remain at peace. When we are constantly moving, doing,etc…our spirits suffer. I often lack peace when I am ceasing to rest. You may not be a person of faith, so hang with me if you aren’t. My goal on this site isn’t to push my beliefs on you. I do believe in God and that rest is a spiritual discipline. A Sabbath is needed to benefit not only the body, mind, and emotions, but our spirits as well.

Well, my dear friends. I hope that you find time in the midst of busy lives and strenuous workout schedules to rest. Make rest a priority! Keep up the good work, I am cheering for you!

1. Baicy K, London ED, Monterosso J, Wong ML, Delibasi T, Sharma A, Licinio J (November 2007). “Leptin replacement alters brain response to food cues in genetically leptin-deficient adults”. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 104 (46): 18276–9. doi:10.1073/pnas.0706481104. PMC 2084333. PMID 17986612.

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