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Stop Dieting


Aloha, my beautiful fitness friends. I want to talk to you about dieting. Yes the dreaded “D” word. It’s like a swear word to so many people. It’s all about what you must give up in order to look like a fitness model. Yes, if you’re a competitive body builder or fitness model, you will need to diet. If you’re drastically overweight, then cutting your calories is necessary. If you’re not, then let’s move forward with some tips on healthy living.

1. Diets are about depravation. Human nature is to rebel against what we feel is depriving us. The goal is to make healthy choices long term. The goal is to have treats in moderation.


2. Diets are a short term fix to a long term problem. The reason Henry weighs 400 pounds does not diminish the moment he goes on a crash diet. Lifestyle changes force us to deal with emotions without using food, to care for our bodies for the long haul, and make choices every day to eat to live, not live to eat. You see many people get weight off only to put it back on because the diet does not fix why they were overweight. You must change the mind, deal with insecurity and emotions, and make choices for the long haul.

3. Some diets cut out things you need in order to achieve short term goals. Can you sustain the meal plan for the rest of your life? Is it healthy? Are you getting all the nutrients your body needs?

4. Diets make people eventually binge eat. Just as the first picture depicted. “Oh, I’ve been eating bird food all day, now I will gorge myself on everything in the house! Feed me Seymour!” It’s the reason you see people at the all you can eat Buffett once their diet is over.

Say yes to the following:

A. Drinking water 8-10 glasses a day. Start the day with water, add lemon to help alkalize your system.

B. Eating breakfast every day! Make this meal the most calorie rich if possible.

C. Greens, eat them! Vegetables are your friends. Eat them to your hearts delight! Try not to slather them in butter, cheese, and dressing!

D. Lean proteins. Add them to meals. Protein keeps you full longer.

E. Choose whole foods! Did it grow from the ground or feeds off the ground. Fruits, seeds, nuts, whole grains…your body wants real food, not processed food.

F. Instead of three large meals, choose 5-6 small ones. Don’t allow longer than 4 hours to pass in between meals. Try not to eat after 9pm.

G. Making your own meals. Restaurants load up their food with salt, fat, and sugar. Moderation is key.

H. Learn portion sizes. In America, we supersize everything. Here’s your 3 pound burger, 10 pound pizza, foot long hot dog with cheese, here’s your large basket of fried goodies. Your fist is 1 cup, a golf ball is 2tbsp, a tennis ball 1 cup (pasta or rice), a deck of cards is 3oz of protein. We don’t need troughs of food. Most salads we get in restaurants are three servings.

Also white sugar, diet drinks, processed foods, high glycemic carbs, white breads, white pastas, all help to pack on the pounds.

Well dear ones! Keep up the good work. Wishing you well on your fitness and wellness journey. Stay tuned for updates from the 90 day Get Ripped Challenge. We hit day 30 on April 30th.

Warm regards,


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Refuse to Give Up


Hello wellness friends! In case no one has told you today: You are awesome! You can do this. You can make lifestyle changes to improve your life. Even if you’re not doing the 90 day challenge with us, I highly recommend you exercise regularly and eat healthy. As stated several posts back, you can be skinny and very unhealthy.

If you’ve started a new fitness program like I have (P90X 2), then here are some things to consider.

1. Your body needs fuel! And good fuel too. Opt for increasing your lean protein intake, vegetables, seeds, berries, and healthy fats (avocado, safflower oil, etc…). Don’t starve yourself! Your body needs food to run.

2. Hydrate! Even if you’re not doing strenuous workouts, you need to drink water all day long to flush toxins from your body.

3. Fiber! Your body needs it to maintain stable blood sugar and remove excess toxins from your body. Most people do not consume enough fiber. We are taxing our internal organs with sugar, fat, and preservatives.

4. Know Your Body! One of my goals is to increase strength in my upper back, the weakest area of my body. There are moves in this program I can only do a few reps with proper form or I have to modify. That’s okay! It’s week 2 for me. I’m getting stronger as I go. Don’t push yourself to the point of injury and check with your doctor before starting programs like P90X, Insanity, T25, etc…the goal is help, not injure the body!

5. Be patient! We live in a fast food society. We want everything now!!!! It takes time for your body to change. It takes a burn of 3,500 calories to equal 1 pound. This is about lifestyle changes, not a quick fix. If you can’t maintain it, access what you can do for life!

Lastly if you’re not looking to gain lean muscle or lose weight, I still encourage you to think about what you’re eating, to get moving, and have some resistance training. Having muscle is good for you!!!

I’m cheering for you! Don’t give up. You may have setbacks. You may have days you can’t work out. You may have cake and ice cream some time. That’s okay. The goal isn’t to be a prisoner to fitness. The goal is to treat your body like a temple! The goal is to prolong life and avoid sickness due to neglect. I believe in you. Believe in yourself! Go get em folks! Eat clean. Train hard.



Oh and next post I will talk about some recipes and supplements.


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90 Day Get Ripped Challenge


Hello Fitness Friends! I wanted to let you know about a Get Ripped Challenge I started with my coworkers. The goal is to lose fat and gain muscle. The contestants have 90 days. I decided to join them because I think it’d be fun to see what I could challenge my body to do in 90 days. I want to be lean. So, Monday I started P90X 2. It’s far more challenging than P90X. Can I do it? I believe I can (I am going to do everything I can to finish).

The Get Ripped Challenge is split into three categories.

Women (get lean)
Men (get ripped add mass)-for those with less than 20 percent body fat.
Men (get ripped and lose fat)

I’m excited to see the body transformations. Some are doing. P90x, some 21 day fix and boot camp, some Jillian Michael’s program, some weights and their own program.

Want to join us? It’s 90 days to putting down the cake and ice cream and committing to challenging your body. I will post updates over the next 86 days and tips. Granted this wouldn’t be an official Beach Body Contest, go to their website ( to win some incredible prizes, but it would be hopefully incentive to work hard! It’s 90 days…just in time for summer.

I’m excited to try new recipes P90X 2 came with a great recipe booklet. I’ve been creating my own recipes too! I am a huge fan of seafood. Salmon is a staple right now. It’s a fatty fish, yet it’s loaded with Omega 3 fatty acids. Vegetables are our friends. As for seasoning, lemon pepper and lemons go a long way!


I’m also trying to add more protein and eliminate sugar (white sugar).


The biggest challenge this week is eating enough calories. Vegetables and fruits do not have tons of calories and it fills you up. I’ve cut out grains, pasta, and most dairy.

Well, my friends, I will keep you posted! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 🙂


Erin Lamb

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