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Feast on Good Things


Last post we talked about ingredients. They are so important. The post before that we talked about having a negative mind. Today, I want to pull it all together.

What you feed grows!
What you starve dies!
What you feast on is what will take root and bear fruit!

What are you feasting on? This isn’t just about the Cheetos hidden in the back of your cupboard or the bags of Oreos kept around in case of emergency. This is about everything you’re taking into your life.

How much time is spent watching tv with violence, bad news, bad relationships, drama, and commercials telling you that your life is not enough?

How much time is spent reading news feeds on Facebook or Instagram? Most people put the best parts of their lives on social media…look how much I love my spouse, my kids, my new car, my church, my new hairstyle, my fill in the blank….it’s not wrong to keep people informed or stay informed. However, if you’re feasting on a steady diet of others bragging, even if you feel good about your life…you’re feeding your subconscious mind tools for comparison. We are taught from an early age to compare things. Comparison robs the soul of joy!

How much time is spent in solitude, quiet, journaling, learning, or reading? Busyness is killing and over stressing the industrialized world. Work harder, do more!!! Work! And even play or recreation can be in excess. Life requires balance and rest. We are also so dependent on information given to us via news, social media, or the internet…people sometimes forget you can’t believe everything you read or hear. Do some research. Read books. Learn something. Feed your mind something other than reality tv.

Who are we listening to and spending time with? I took a year to refrain from being super social. I had some negative experiences with people and wanted restoration. I found out you can’t be fully restored if you’re constantly exposed to negativity, drama, he said…she said, and easily offended people. It wears on your immune system. I read, spent time in prayer, journaled, painted, played guitar, spent time with God. I never had so much joy! I feasted on good things and limited interactions with people who at the time were not beneficial for my mental or emotional health. You may not be able to do what I did. You can take a weekend away by yourself or tell your loved ones, “I need a break. I will be in my room the next couple of hours.” You can tell people, “I love you, but I refuse to have this conversation until you can be respectful.” Set boundaries with people! Don’t be a doormat.

Finally, we sometimes believe wellness is simply about the body (what we eat and exercise). It’s the mind, body, spirit, and soul we are called to take care of. If we neglect one part, the others suffer. So be good to yourself!



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What Are You Eating


Hello my wellness friends. I wanted to do a brief post on ingredients. All food is not created equal.

I was standing in my office break room a few weeks ago talking with a coworker. They had done the Biggest Loser contest at work with me before and tried Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers. They lost weight and gained weight. I asked what they were eating for lunch. They showed me a frozen dinner. Problem number 1. I have investigated the ingredients in most box meals and it’s disturbing to not be able to pronounce some of the ingredients.

Even if you cut back on your caloric intake, you are doing your body a grave injustice by feeding it processed food. It will not run as efficiently. Just as vehicles are designed to run on certain types of fuel, your body needs a certain type of fuel. Water won’t work in your gas tank (of your vehicle). Chemical laden food will not help your body burn fat. It taxes your liver. It slows you down and increases food cravings. Your body does not recognize it as food.

If you want your body to burn fat more efficiently. If you want to feel better. If you want clearer skin. If you want your hormones to stay balanced, then please minimize or forego processed foods. Look at the ingredients. Do you know what they are? Look them up? If it isn’t found naturally in nature (example fructose (sugar), then think about whether eating it is a good idea.

Good choices:

Lean meats
All fruit (some are high in sugar so watch your intake)
All veggies
Sweet potatoes
Natural Peanut Butter
Almond Milk
Rice Milk
Low fat, hormone free dairy (in moderation)
Beans and legumes
Ezekiel bread

And drink plenty of water!!!!

I would eat breads and grains in moderation. Bread causes blood sugar spikes, whole wheat worse than white bread. I would also bypass large consumption of crackers, canned soups, and fried foods just for sodium content and fat. Excess sodium not only causes you to retain water, it increases the amount of cortisol in your system. It’s the stress hormone. It tells your body to store fat on your belly…yikes (Source: Master Your Metabolism by Jillian Micheals).

Well, that’s all folks. Keep up the good work! You can do this. I’m cheering for you! 😀




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Negative Mind=Negative Life


Hello fitness friends. This blog isn’t just about fitness and nutrition. It’s about restoring the mind, body, and soul. Tonight I wanted to post some things that will hopefully bring restoration to the mind and soul.

We spend so much time trying to fix what’s external. The problem with making the external the priority is that we never get to the root issues. Why did I eat a half gallon of ice cream? Why am I so irritable with coworkers? Why would I rather lay on the couch and watch Netflix instead of doing something active or beneficial?

I challenge you to stop and take inventory of what you’re thinking. Where the mind goes, the body will follow. If we think we will fail, then it’s a highly probability we will fail. It’s been shown statistically that people have more negative than positive thoughts. Our world bombards us with negativity.

So how do we get out of the rut of stinking thinking? We take every thought captive (hold it hostage) and hold it up to truth. If it doesn’t match what is true, we throw it out and replace it with truth. You might be saying, “Yeah right, it’s not that simple.” It’s not simple, but it’s effective. You will need to speak life and truth over yourself. We believe more of what we say than what others say.

Let’s practice!

Negative thought: You can’t do this!

Truth: I may not be perfect, but I can try! Trying is better than doing nothing! I am going to give it my best shot.

Negative thought: You’re not good at this!

Truth: There are so many things I do well. I don’t do everything right, but I don’t do everything wrong! I will seek help for things I don’t do well.

Negative thought: You will never succeed!

Truth: True success is being faithful. Every day I choose to be faithful and I define success by faithfulness.

Negative thought: You’re not as good, beautiful, talented, or important as that other person!

Truth: I am valuable! I wasn’t designed to be like everyone else. I am unique and meant to be me, not everyone else. I’m not in competition with anyone else.

Abort thoughts that are condemning, cruel, negative, jealous, envious, or not productive. Don’t bully yourself! Humans are deeply flawed, yet deeply loved by God. As a person of faith, it hurts my heart to see so many people (myself included sometimes) without value for self. God loves all people and highly values them.

You may not be a person of faith, if not I hope you stick with this blog and journey. My purpose is to encourage you to pursue wellness; mind, body, and soul. I cannot not speak of being whole without incorporating faith.

Lastly, you can do this! You can eat healthy, exercise, feed your mind good things, rest, pursue peace, and live an enjoyable life.

Exercise for the week:

Get a journal or notepad and start writing down any negative thoughts. Combat them with truth. Start speaking truth to yourself!!!

Cheering for you!


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