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Choose Health Over Vanity


Hello fitness friends. Today I wanted to talk to you about vanity. Our society is obsessed with looks. I don’t watch tv very often, but when I do, I am overwhelmed by the commercials that focus on appearance. How do you obtain the perfect body? How do you stop wrinkles? How do you become the world ‘s most beautiful person?

The problem is: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just as the picture above states, you can be the juiciest peach in the world and there will still be someone who doesn’t like peaches. The obsession can never be fixed because the beholder is constantly changing. I’ve known people who lived at the gym or spent truck loads of money on products. They hurt their bodies in pursuit of vanity.

My two cents:

Enjoy life! It’s shorter than you think. So, every once in awhile have a cookie or some treat.

Love yourself! You may never fit society’s mold of perfection, but most people don’t. I worked for a swimsuit and women’s apparel catalogue; many pictures were airbrushed. We see “perfection,” and reality is less than perfect. When I go out, I rarely see models walking around. People come in all shapes and sizes.

Choose health over vanity! Your health is far more important than reaching a scale goal or trying to meet some external standard of beauty. Eat healthy food and exercise. Most of all, enjoy your life!

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Aging Well


Evening friends. I wanted to touch base with you about aging. We live in a culture obsessed with youth and beauty. What about being healthy for as long as possible?

My dad is in excellent shape for his age. As a result he’s living a vibrant life. I want to be healthy. How about you?

Here’s the 411:

Genetics plays a role, but you can fight against certain genetic predispositions. Your diet, level of activity, and taking care of yourself play a huge role in the aging process.

The sun is not your friend. Protect your skin from the sun. Wear sunscreen daily.

Heavy drinking and smoking age you. Take that into consideration. It’s also not good for your health.

Weight train. Muscle is your friend. Lack of muscle and the effects of gravity and a slowing metabolism means saggy skin. Muscle burns more calories than fat.


Drink water! Dehydration over the years is not good for your skin, organs, or health.

Get adequate sleep. Late nights, and lack of sleep leads to aging. During sleep growth hormone is secreted. If you’re not sleeping, cells are not being regenerated. Try to get 8 hours of sleep, at least 6.

Treat your body like a temple. Don’t abuse it. Your diet, skin care, sleeping habits, and physical activity are key factors.


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When You Feel Like Giving Up


Hey fitness friends. Tonight I wanted to talk about something we all encounter on the journey to wellness, the desire to throw in the towel!

The reasons may vary. It could be a thought, “What’s the use, I’m not seeing results,” or “I’m tired of eating healthy food or counting calories.” Here’s some motivation to keep you going.

Eating healthy is cheaper and better than being on medication. Many of the health problems we see plaguing the planet can be traced back to poor diet and sedentary lifestyles. Food is fuel. Put the wrong fuel in for prolonged periods of time and the body begins to break down.

Another added benefit: Exercise helps fight aging and the effects of gravity. Billions of dollars are spent yearly to get people to buy products that will create youth. Externals do nothing for a body that is unhealthy. It starts from within. Eat those fruits, vegetables, drink water, forgo smoking, too much sun exposure, and exercise regularly.

Keep going because your future self will thank you!

Keep going to be a good example for people around you and your family!

Keep going because your body is a temple, treat it with honor and respect!

Keep going because you love yourself!

Keep going because you can do this!!!!

I get tired just like everyone else, but when I think of the progress made, it makes me want to keep going!

I can do this! You can do this!!!

Cheering for you!


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